Six Cannabis Themed Gifts for Mom!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you are anything like me, your mom’s gift is not quite ready yet. My mom has always done so much to support me and my family that I often get stuck searching for the “perfect” gift, unable to locate anything that lives up to my expectations. The truth is there is nothing I could give her that could ever repay her for all the love and care she has shown me. Thankfully, there are so many fun and awesome gifts out there that will brighten her day and make her life easier. As you may know, both my mom and I are cannabis consumers, and advocates. What better to way to celebrate my mom than with a cannabis themed Mother’s Day?

Check out these six gifts that are sure to make mom smile!

  1. Wicked Earth CBD Skincare Facial Set
  2. Blunted Objects Jewelry
  3. A subscription box from Hippie Butler
  4. The Focus V Carta E Rig
  5. My Bud Vase Artisan Pieces
  6. Women Grow Apparel
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