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The Lyfted Ladies™


 Mother and daughter team, Mary J Mama and KC Canna, are building a network that shares enlightening information to empower women & the cannabis community.

Together, we attended Oaksterdam University in Oakland, CA to obtain a Cannabis Business Certification in 2019. Since then KC Canna has earned four cannabis certificates from Trichome Institute including Cannabis Consulting and Interpening. She also re-enrolled in Oaksterdam University for the 2020 Summer Horticulture Semester Program.

We are advocates, educators, students, and consumers of cannabis. In addition to improving our health and quality of life, medical marijuana has enhanced our bond, love, and appreciation for one another. Our goal is to share our experience and knowledge in a judgement free space that connects and supports women and the cannabis community. Please join us and our mission!



KC Canna

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

KC Canna has excelled in the aesthetic industry for 13 years. After proudly contributing to esthetic company’s success she decided to go out on her own. She founded her consulting firm, KC Consulting, as well as co-founding the cannabis community Lyfted Ladies™.



KC earned a Bachelor of Science in Business with a focus on Marketing & Management from Penn State and has expertise in strategic marketing, topical cosmetics formula development and cannabis. Currently, KC Canna leads educational seminars on topical care with CBD for skin care professionals in addition to working to connect the cannabis community.



Email me: Kelly@lyftedladies.com



Mary J Mama

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Mary J Mama had a successful career with a nationwide customer service company for 37 years. After managing large operating facilities with up to 350 employees, maintaining healthy labor relations, and coaching mentor programs, she retired in 2019.



In mid-2019, KC Canna shared her interest and passion in getting more involved with cannabis from a business and advocacy perspective. Realizing that medical cannabis soothed her severe arthritis and anxiety as well as strengthening her relationship with her daughters, she decided cannabis was the right path for her as well. Her specific interest is learning how to help others transition or reduce traditional medication by incorporating cannabis safely and responsibly.



Email me: management@lyftedlounge,com





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